Social media dangers for students!

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“Has social media taken over your life?”, this is a question students get asked all the time! Yes social media has most of us in the virtual world, tied into a maze of stuff with people overlapping from our real world. The after school time is seriously not after school time when friends connect with

Cheap Holidaying For Students!

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Students are the ones who always on a lookout for holiday locations whenever they get some days break. The college days are the best days ever in a student’s life. However, costs are a factor that matter for any student. There are expensive and low cost ways of planning trips. Rarely students travel to far

Click jacking on Facebook- Brands to be Cautious!

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Latest research reports say that students now found spending more time on Facebook than down the pub. The brands who wants to connect with 16- to 24-year-Olds should reassess their f-commerce strategies. The marketing entrepreneurs like Richard Branson or Chris Niarchos understand the power of social media. Students are now more aware of what is

Youths desperate for perfect face!

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Watch a movie, read a magazine, visit a beauty parlor- one similar portrayal depicted everywhere is of a thin girl with straight hair and a face caked in make-up! Youths have risen to this unhealthy obsession which causes pain, develops eating disorders and self harm. Bombarded with images of supposedly perfect body everywhere that is

Net savvy youths strike gold in innovative jobs


The world has become small and easily accessible like a global village where everyone get to meet and talk online. There are many takers for online jobs these days as it gives them much more freedom and flexibility. Curiously, some young people have gone a step forward by giving an online tag to the otherwise

Summer jobs for students

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You are “young” we know it! But are you confident and ambitious? This summer you can find lots of job opportunities coming up. Leading companies, like for example Appco Group  have jobs lines up for talented youngsters who want to try their luck this summer… There will be some of you who must have done

Christos Niarchos – Training for a future


Christos Niarchos based in the South France is training to get him self fit for his up and coming challenge. “getting up everyday at 6am to train can be a challenge in itself” says Christos. There are loads of challenges out their for people to train for, entering a challenge is a good way to motivate yourself daily. 

Luxury Crystal Brand Swarovski to Target Teens

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Luxury crystal brand Swarovski is introducing new crystal affordable fashion jewellery brand Lola&Grace, targetting teenagers. As this news was out, my friend (working for Oracle Advertising) who’s so fond of trend setting jewellery pieces and loves crystal ornaments told me that the jewellery brand will “make a great impact” on the UK high street

Brands Branding @ Aspiring Youth!

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In the UK, latest research has shown that the brands aspiring to connect with 18-to 24-year-olds must now tailor their offers to five distinct groups within this demographic. Among these, most focused ones are the ‘Cotton Wool Kids’ -financially protected young adults, ‘Go-Getters’ and the ‘Passive Massive’. Young people show diverse attitudes towards the economy,

Students Mobile Possession- Education Sector Waking up to New Opportunities

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As smartphone and tablet penetration extends further than ever before, brands are moving into new territory by taking learning digital with engaging, educational apps. Reports from the National Literacy Trust suggest that, almost nine out of 10 school pupils aged seven to 11 have a mobile phone, although less than three-quarters have books at home.